Parish Council Meeting POSTPONED



The Chairman of Northiam Parish Council has decided to postpone the ordinary meeting of the parish council due to take place on Thursday 10th February by one week for the following reasons:

  • The importance of the items to be discussed warrant attendance by the maximum number of councillors and on 10th February there are apologies from half the Council.
  • We are unable to arrange the recording of a meeting this week owing to those people required currently isolating with Covid; the ability to record is essential given the difficulties that currently exist within the Council and the need to be able to refer to what has actually been said.
  • Councillor Streatfield has registered a complaint against the officers of Northiam PC; such a complaint will need to be dealt with under the adopted Complaints Procedure. As NPC does not have such a procedure in place, one will need to be drafted, presented to the Council and formally adopted.
  • Councillors will need to consider the process of drafting in an independent Panel to hear the complaint given that all NPC councillors are conflicted out by virtue of their awareness of the issues.
  • A meeting on 17th February will still allow the two candidates to present themselves to the public who may wish to attend the meeting in person prior to the election on 24th


NEW MEETING DATE: 17th February 2022 at 7pm in the Village Hall – revised agenda to follow